The Tennessee Bear Hunters Association is a statewide nonprofit organization but we have members from all over the country. We are dedicated to the preservation of hunting rights of not only bear but all game species. We have a good working relationship with the TWRA and Forest Service as well as most of our state representatives. It is our goal to ensure that our hunting rights which were passed down to us can be passed on to our kids and grandkids. Due to our work, we have around 5,500 members nationwide that share our views and goals. We have a lot of additional clubs which have chosen to join us in our goals and have helped boost our membership numbers. The TBHA is very active in keeping up with any and all new laws in legislation or being brought up for vote.  With the help from all of you we can keep up the good fight for everyone's mutual benefit.


Board Members and Officers

Chairman - Travis Rogers

President - Hugh Lamb

Vice President - Harold Robertson

Secretary / Treasurer - Rebekah Rogers

Board - Travis Rogers, Matt Catron, Darron Burgin, Seth Bailey, Chris Lawson, Earlin Darnell, Spanky Holt, Jake Profitt, Tim Rogers, Leroy Gent, Tony Tittle, Carl J. Carver, Jason Pickel, Roy Clark, William Roy Carlisle, Greg Hartley, Mike Jones, Earl Ogle, Randall Baldwin, Bill Johnson, Drew Whitehead


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